Knit-A-Long: Knitting The Eyelet Hat

Hopefully by now you’ve had a chance to look at Carissa’s gorgeous preemie hat patterns and pick one or two that you’d like to knit up. Here at Knit Omaha headquarters (read: my family room couch) we’re knitting through all five in this fun knit-a-long!

First up in the pattern list was the gorgeous eyelet hat. Perfect for people practicing knitting with DPN’s, you don’t need to work too hard to get this hat knit up.

I love that all five patterns start out the same way, with a ribbed brim, to get you used to knitting something so small-scale and adorable!

I love that by the time you start working the eyelet pattern on this hat, you can already see how petite and adorable it’s going to turn out! And while the eyelets tend to lend themselves in my mind to a baby girl’s hat, I worked mine up in a bright red so that any babe could don this hat with ease.

I’m excited to make my first trip to the post office this weekend to see if anyone’s sent in hats already! If you’re participating in the knit-a-long, leave a comment with a link to shots of your hats, in process or finished, so I can share them next week. I’m excited to see all the adorable eyelet hats that pop up!

And if you’re not sure about knitting a baby hat, let me put this out there – knitting this hat, from start to finish, took approximately one hour for me! You may not knit as fast, but it’s still definitely a one-day hat – perfect for even the most beginner of knitters!

What tips and tricks do you all have to share with knitting this eyelet hat? I found the biggest struggle was remembering which eyelet row I was on – one quick feel down the length of the hat in process usually gave me the answer, though!


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Kay’s Kaps Knit-A-Long

As part of our inaugural charity knitting drive for Knit Omaha, I’m hosting a knit-along of Carissa Knits’ wonderful preemie hat patterns! She’s got five of them in a bundle – and they’re all free! – so for the next five weeks I’ll be sharing one each Tuesday and then asking you to knit along and share as well!

The hope is that you’ll all be inspired to pick up the needles and knit a hat for charity, but if I can inspire you to knit at all that makes it worth it!So here’s how the knit-along will go:

** Each Tuesday I’ll post a shot of my finished hat for the week, talk a bit about the pattern and my process, and invite you all to join in. I’ll be knitting the hats in the order they’re shared on Carissa’s blog, so if you want to get a head start, you can feel free!

** Throughout the week, as you knit a hat along with me, post a link to your finished photo in the comments. It can be a link to your Flickr page or your blog, it doesn’t matter to me!

** The following Tuesday I’ll share ALL THE LINKS at the end of my knit-along post in a special “Shout Out” section!

If you’re interested in participating, grab yourself a skein of DK-weight yarn and some size 3, 4, or 5 DPNs (I use 5’s, the patterns are written for 3’s, and so I figure you can probably use 4’s as well) and get ready to knit! Then simply head on over to Carissa’s blog and check out the patterns. I’ve got them saved in my favorites folder, as well as on my iTouch so I can knit from the pattern no matter where I’m at!

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Welcome to the Knit Omaha blog! I’ll be here weekly, updating you with knit-a-longs, photos of what people are donating, and more!

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Welcome to the Knit Omaha blog! You'll find weekly updates full of photos of donated items, knit-a-longs, and so much more!

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